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Live painting for Farm Credit's Executive Summit

A few weeks ago I painted live for Farm Credit Services of America's Executive Summit in Omaha. This is the second time I have painted live for them. This one is the largest painting I've ever done - 4'x6' x 5'x6' x 3'x6' - and part of it was live!

I had to call on help from the gallery owner, Tyler Curnes, at Main Street Studios & Art Gallery, where I paint, to help build me a wood backing to lean the painting up on while I painted. We brought the canvases in a trailer and took them home that way that later that night. I had about 3-4 hours to paint, but got most of it done, which I was pretty happy about.

It was neat that the summit I painted at had a theme of Innovation, because this will be the most innovative painting I've ever done. We are going to actually incorporate some of my Dad's Live Edge walnut on top of the final painting. This is still in process, but should be done hopefully this week or soon. It is just figuring out the placement, how to hold them in place, etc... Once the painting is done, we will install it at Farm Credit's new Facility in Omaha.

Can't wait to see the finished piece on the wall! I hope you enjoy the photos and a few videos.


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