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'Johnny the Jet - The Runback' - video process

So many people have wonderful memories watching the 'Game of the Century' and the happiness and pure joy from that time. You can see it on Johnny’s face. A gentlemen came into the gallery the other day and started saying “Holy Moly, man woman and child, did that put ‘em in the aisle…” before I had even wrote it on the painting, then told me where he was when he watched it and memories from that day. Dad also shared his story of watching it Thanksgiving day, surrounded by family and the excitement.

I hope this painting brings you joy today and if you were lucky enough to watch the the game live, I hope it reignites those great memories. Please enjoy watching the painting process.

Also, please fill out a contact form on my website if you are interested in prints of this painting or the original. There may be an event with Johnny, where he signs a limited edition amount of them.


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