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Live Painting at 2018 Cattlemen's Ball of NE

A few weeks ago, I painted for a third time in a row at the Cattlemen's Ball of NE. The Ball helps to raise money for cancer research, raising almost 1 million dollars a year.

This year was near Hebron, and they had an Oregon Trail theme. I wanted to paint something that would represent both the days of the trail and the current day, so decided on a Cattle Drive (with the help of a few people's suggestions). It was my 3rd year they asked me to paint, and I wanted to do something special. With the help of Matt Davison, Associate AD for Football, I was able to get a large 3'x4' print of my Scott Frost painting signed by Coach Frost. Together, they brought $14,000 at the Saturday night live auction. Thank you to Jerry and Virgina Brase and Jeff and Lisa Johnson for bidding on my paintings. Below are a few photos from that weekend.

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