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Live Painting at Cattlemen's Ball of Nebraska 2016

Recently, I was asked to do a live painting at the Cattlemen's Ball of Nebraska in Princeton, NE by this year's hosts, Trevor and Torri Lienemann of Lienetics Ranch. The goal of the Ball is to raise money for cancer research. A little over a week ago, June 4th, was the ball. I was honored to paint my FIRST cow ever there, a 3'x4' Acrylic (Prints Available).

After researching cows online and studying their faces, I sketched up the idea the night before and started painting at 10am, finishing at 3:30pm. Later that evening, the painting was auctioned off at the Live Auction before the Clint Black concert. They had me hold it on stage and it sold for $8,000 to the hosts of next year's Cattlemen's Ball! The Governor's wife, Susan Ricketts, came up to me after and said she would have bid on it if she had a place in her home for it, but may have me paint her kids instead. I had so much fun the whole day and love doing live painting! And thanks to my mom, Carmen Spitsnogle, for helping me the whole day. Here are some photos from that day.


"Black Legacy" 3'x4' Acrylic on Canvas

Composition sketch I did the night before

Composition charcoal sketch I did the night before of

First charcoal sketch on the canvas to start the process. I left the sketch up on the canvas almost the whole time so I could work fast and see the proportions.

Starting to add some paint on top of the charcoal.

Process photo. Working fast to get it done for the auction that night!

Finished! Ready to Auction off.

With my mom. Couldn't have done it all without her.

The setting up/before picture

Holding my painting on the stage while it was being auctioned

Clint Black concert after the auction.

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