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Live Painting at Heartfelt Hearts and Souls Gala, Benefiting the Children's Memorial in Seward,

Last weekend was a very special night at the Heartfelt Hearts and Souls Gala 2018 in Seward. It is to help raise money for the Children’s Memorial. My parents and I had the honor of meeting Gerald and Jill Foltz, Sam Foltz’s parents, who are just wonderful people. They helped come up with the idea of the painting and asked if Brook could be in it with Sam. With their blessing and Jan Berringer’s blessing to allow me to paint their sons, this is the painting I did last night, which auctioned off for $10,500!

Prints are currently being made with 15% of the profits going back to the Children’s Memorial. The University of Nebraska asked to hang a couple of prints in their Athletic Department on campus instead of taking any royalties from it. Below are some photos from the evening, along with a time lapse video of the 4hr process.

I can not imagine losing a child or sibling. Please take some time to visit their memorial on the Concordia campus or visit their website:

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